Bookmark this – Metropolitan geography data base

If you’ve ever attempted to conduct analyses of your constituency across a geographic area, then you’ve no doubt gained an appreciation for metro city coding.  These numeric identifiers group clusters of city names together into a single designation suitable for counting, sorting or reporting.

Imagine life without city codes.  Let’s say we wanted to count constituents in Houston.  Our work wouldn’t be complete unless we also counted constituents from every single named town in and around Houston, like Kingwood, Spring, The Woodlands, Humble, Sugar Land, Bellaire, Pasadena, Webster, Katy, Pearland, etc.

Talk about craziness!  I can sense we’re in agreement.


Anyway, just the other day in my quest to translate a few city code to city names (off-the-cuff) I stumbled upon this great online resource!


This easy-to-use query tool allows you to drill into a city code to see which townships compose the metro area and it features a simple search bar.


tbed is the newest addition to my bookmark folder!  Click on the logo above to give it a try!


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