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Going from satisfactory to excellent with thank you letters

Inspired consultant and blogger Penelope Burk has been surveying donors and paying attention to what they say about how the nonprofits to whom they give recognize their donations.  Here’s her list of 20 elements that contribute to an excellent thank you letter.


Of course, images go a long way toward helping our donors see exactly who and what their dollars are supporting.  Ball Statue University holds campus-wide thank you events to involve students, faculty and donors and shares those images through their social media channels.

Thanks Ball State alumni and friends!

To access Penelope Burk’s blog, click on the list above.


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Great ideas to boost giving

From our friends at Ruffalo Cody, 5 clever ideas to implement over the next few months that could be especially useful for annual giving solicitation, renewal and stewardship strategies.  Here’s a quick synopsis —







As a best practices reminder, Ruffalo Cody suggests that when implementing a new practice, make sure to capture baseline constituent list for each communication, to be able to measure specific results.

Click on any of the suggestions above to read the full article.


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Add a little March to your madness

I’m a well known lurker on the CASE advancement services list serve.  So, as I was scanning it the other day a conversation stream that caught my attention.  The member indicated their school was brainstorming new ways to ramp up fundraising efforts associated with March madness.  After all, it’s just around the corner.



And just like that I remembered one of my favorite posts from the dearly departed APRA blog.  It too was a creative fundraising spin on March madness.  The crazy thing is that the organization who adopted the idea, Citizen Effect, has nothing to do with sports or college.  They just implemented a great idea.  I’m all about that!

Here’s how it worked.  They asked donors for a $10 gift to fill out an NCAA tournament bracket “entry.”  Winning entries were then eligible for prizes.  The winning donor at each bracket level had the opportunity to direct winnings (ie, accrued donations) to his or her choice of project efforts sponsored by Citizen Effect.  How awesome is that?

After the NCAA tournament was over and all the donations were tallied, Citizen Effect sent out a lovely follow-up piece, found here on the Marts & Lundy blog.


Love it to pieces!  Can’t wait for March Madness!


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Remembering a donor’s first gift anniversary

About a month ago I joined a webinar produced by Pursuant on the topic of donor retention.  As I listened, I was happy to hear that donor segmentation is the key to implementing communication strategies to promote retention (skip to about 38 minutes in the webinar replay).


My favorite part of the webinar came at 44 minutes.  Seriously, open the webinar here and fast forward to 44 minutes.  The most awesome tip I’ve heard in a while:  celebrate your donors’ impact on your organization by acknowledging the anniversary of their first gift date.  How awesome is that?!  I’d be willing to bet that a lot of longevity donors have lost track of the number of years they’ve been giving and I’d also be willing to bet that donors with an irregular giving history might feel more committed if they saw their giving through a longer lens.

Seems to me like there’s only an upside to a strategy like this.  You can access the webinar by clicking on the image above.


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