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How to research giving capacity

Recently I stumbled upon this great whitepaper from the awesome folks at QuadWrangle that covers a lot of basic how-to information for assessing giving capacity.  And one of the best parts about the white paper is they take a low cost point of view.

Here’s what I mean–


This is a great breakdown of go-to resources for any prospect research team member.


I have to admit I did not happen to agree with the author’s mention of social affinity and consumer marketing data as a valuable resource for wealth computation.  But this is an equal opportunity forum, so if my opinion is way off base, just tell me why you disagree.


To download the white paper click on the image above.


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Fastest growing cities for super-rich individuals

One of my fellow APRA-GH board members shared this tidbit with me last week.  An article published by New World Wealth tracking ultra-high net worth individuals around the world.

Seems that Houston is the fastest-growing metro in the US over the past 10 years for super rich individuals.



There’s an accompanying radio broadcast discussing the causes – chiefly the accelerating stock prices in the energy sector over the past 5 years.  To listen to the broadcast, click here.



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Bookmark this – Geomancer

Introducing Geomancer – a free and easy way to append publicly available demographic information to your excel spreadsheet by matching to your City, State or Zipcode columns.


Seriously, in less than 1 minute I went from this (very generic test file)


to this enhanced file – I chose the 3 appended columns from the options available based on City & State in my original sheet.




Just to be sure, I tried it again with zipcode matching.  Here’s the before–


and the after!



Seriously, 1 minute.  Easy and free.  What’s not to love?



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The 2015 billionaire social calendar

From the Billionaire Census report published by Wealth-X and UBS, the definitive social calendar for ultra-high net worth individuals around the globe.

billionaire social calendar

This may not be highly actionable information, but if your organization is tracking one of the 2300 billionaires around the world, every tidbit helps.  Click on the image above to download a copy of the report.


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Case study – map view of the donor data base

One of the most frequently viewed posts on the old APRA-GH blog was this Southern Illinois University case study produced by Grenzebach Glier & Associates.

SIU contracted with GG+A to assemble an interactive tool to query their donor data base using parameters like wealth, giving level and giving designation (college) to produce results across a map.


This implementation is amazing.  It clearly required a commitment to a development methodology to achieve the results shown.  But it is truly impressive.  Click on the map image above to access the link to the webinar.  Fast forward to about 40 minutes to see the demonstration.



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Strategy + wealth screening = happiness

WealthEngine recently published an article that can help new or existing customers achieve success with their wealth screening, beginning with formulating one or more realistic strategies for using the data that will be delivered.

WealthEngine admits that following a wealth screening, customer feedback sometimes sounds like this:  that’s a LOT of data!  And they report this kind of response is common among customers who haven’t completely thought through their strategy prior to receiving their screening results.

Wealth screening isn’t a green light to begin major gift cultivation, but it is a great variable to combine with an existing communication/segmentation strategy make fundraising even more effective.

For example, let’s say that we want to identify constituents that are good candidates for an upgraded gift array on the next direct mail (or email) solicitation.  First, why not leverage an existing strategy to select prospective constituents for the annual fund mailing, including candidates for an upgraded gift array.  Next, select the gift array choice based on the WealthEngine screening results.

Here’s another example, let’s say that we want to identify individuals to invite to a fundraising dinner event in Miami.  First, we might select all of our constituents and friends in Miami that would typically qualify for an invitation. Then to add to the list, we could select all constituents in Miami that didn’t qualify for the preliminary selection, but had a wealth screening indicator above a particular threshold.

Click on the image above to read the article by WealthEngine.



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