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All of us have a lot of information to share with each other and we’re finding that after someone understands a concept, a question is likely to follow.  So we’re learning to assemble clusters of related information that gives a broad picture of a single subject area.  Infographics are the go-to resource to fulfill this need.


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I’m a huge fan of  And just recently they introduced some free infographic templates in their suite of layouts.




Now, let’s just say up front that the templates they offer are purely for illustration, this isn’t a chart building tool. B ut the way Canva works is you can build your chart in the tool of your choice then import the image into the layout. See?


Here’s a good reference article from the Canva blog to get started building infographics.  If you want to compare notes, give me a call!  I’m still a novice but have been attempting to improve my designs for a while now and am always willing to trade tips for successful infographics!



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