As I sat down to write this blog, I kept thinking about the movie 2022 (starring Nicolas Cage).  The premise is standard end-of-the-world fare — man realizes the world is ending RIGHT NOW, and all his indecision and inaction of the past (which led to him getting divorced and losing a good relationship with his kids) immediately disappears and off he rushes to literally save his family from the earth crumbling apart. 

My goal for this blog was to basically highlight the fact that, despite the last few years of unrest and uncertainty, THIS is the year the world is supposed to end and thus — the world ending or not — we should make the most of it. To me, that means introducing a few plans that the Apra board has been working on for 2022. However, as I kept trying to find a summary online about the movie to check what I remembered, I couldn’t find it.  I went down a twenty-minute rabbit-hole of searching –

2022 movie.  Nothing.

Nick Cage.  That’s a wide enough net. Nope.

End of the world movie. Come on.            

Nicolas Cage + IMDB. Tried and true resource – don’t fail me.

2022 End of the world movie. I know I’ve seen this movie.             

Nicolas cage apocalypse movie limo driver. Seriously…

Finally, that last search got me to what I was looking for.  In a story titled Five terrible apocalyptic movies to celebrate ‘This Is the End’s’ release from 2013, I found the movie.  It’s called 2012.  And it stars John Cusack, not Nicolas Cage.  So much for the outline I had, but my mis-remembered narrative of the movie 2012 made me think of another impactful human trait.  The ability to pivot.

One of the more crucial moments of this movie was John/Nicolas recognizing an insurmountable challenge and, in that instant, anything that had paralyzed his decision making in the past no longer mattered.  How we pivot from a crucial moment and determine what is important and what is not has driven most of our choices over the last couple of years.  In 2022, we are seeing this play out in The Great Resignation. As COVID-19 moves from pandemic to endemic, many people are making life-changing decisions based on what they truly value in their career and personal lives.  People are no longer waiting on the stars to align for the next promotion or opportunity to get their dream role. Instead, we’re seeing people decide what is and is not important to them, and then consider if their current role aligns with these values. 

Amid all of this, Apra Greater Houston has seen a need for and we are recommitting to be a professional resource as we all navigate through these choices in our lives.  This year we are planning to bring back our in-person conference, tentatively scheduled for late spring/early summer.  The board has also outlined a myriad of programming that we want to roll out this year.  As we are recommitting to you, please consider recommitting to us. 

Is this your year to double down on your professional growth? Would you want to write a blog post or lead a presentation? Do you want a more sustained leadership development opportunity and are interested in joining a committee or the board?  Email me at aprahouston@gmail.com, and I will follow up with you directly. Do you want to take a smaller leap and simply renew your membership? We’d love for you to do that as well (click here to join or renew your membership).

In short, if this year is the year for you to challenge yourself professionally, we hope to be a part of it.  After all, we are 10 years removed from the world ending. 

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