The Year We’ve Had

Your 2020 Apra Greater Houston Board. Top Row (left to right): Ashley Estes, Natasha Jesudason, and Amanda Whiteside. Bottom row (left to right): Brittani Williams, Victoria Walsh, and Brian Lacy.

November means many things to many people. Thanksgiving. Fall. A continued pass for all things pumpkin spice. If Hallmark Christmas movies are your thing, you have probably skipped ahead to lights, trees, and gingerbread houses. In an election year, November is a time to make your voice heard. With the election and leadership fresh on our minds and the end of year so close, November has the Apra Greater Houston board in a reflective mood. We wanted to share with all of you what it has meant to us to serve you in 2020:

“Serving on the Apra Greater Houston board has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career.  Being in a leadership role with Apra GH, I’ve been able to personally grow my leadership skills and shape programing that is relevant to the Houston community.  Being able to connect with others within the Houston area who do what I do has been invaluable for me as I’ve moved from working on a prospect development team to being a team of one. In a profession where there is a limited amount of general knowledge (most of us ‘fell’ into prospect development) it is helpful to have that core group of people to bounce ideas off of.  And last but certainly not least, I’ve personally made a whole host of lifelong friends.”  – Brittani Williams, President

“This was my first year serving on the APRA GH board, so I was pretty clueless. The veteran board members immediately welcomed us newbies into the group, providing all of the guidance and training we needed to hit the ground running. While 2020 threw nearly all of our plans in the garbage, working with my fellow board members to figure out how we could adjust our plans to still provide valuable content to our membership was a highlight of this year for me. Serving on the board has allowed me to connect with my peers on a deeper level, and I am a better prospect researcher and leader because of those connections.”  – Ashley Estes, Secretary

“Serving on the board of Apra Greater Houston has been an amazing experience. I joined the board just a few years into my career as a prospect development professional. Outside of the professional development that Apra Greater Houston provides, having a sounding board of peers that I see and talk with regularly has been invaluable.  I feel that my time as an Apra board member has pushed me out of my comfort zone in ways that have grown professional skills that I would not be normally developing in my day to day job. I have dipped my toe into public speaking with moderating panels, something which I would have never pictured myself doing previously. Serving on the board has been a highlight for me as every individual on the board brings their own unique skillsets and interests. The board really gives everyone the opportunity to do what they are comfortable with, while also encouraging each other to grow and expand their skills. I know I am a better prospect development professional because of my experiences on the board.” – Amanda Whiteside, Treasurer

“It has been my absolute pleasure to serve on the 2020 Apra Greater Houston Board. As an introvert, leading has pushed me out of my comfort zone. This was my first year serving, which was challenging due to, well, 2020. However, the beauty of board service is that you are not alone. It’s been lovely to be a part of the 2020 Apra GH team. I have enjoyed getting to know our chapter members and am so grateful for the friendships that I’ve made. It is wonderful to have a network of people who fully understand the joys and challenges of our field. I have learned so much being a member and hope all of you have as well. If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit with Brittani, Amanda, Ashley, Brian, and Victoria, get to know them. They are awesome!” – Natasha Jesudason, Marketing & Communications Director

“I’ve enjoyed my time serving on the APRA Greater Houston Board.  I find my fellow Board Members to be friendly, bright and professional.  I’ve enjoyed learning from them, and being in the know, about research developments across Houston and the country.  The team approach taken to all of the work of the board has meant that my responsibilities have never felt overwhelming.  I hope anyone interested will consider board service.  They won’t be disappointed.”  Brian Lacy, Board Member At-Large

“The never-dull 2019-2020 season is my first serving on the APRA Greater Houston board. Though I have been a member of two different APRA chapters in my career, I had never served on the board before. This opportunity has pushed me to refresh my skills as a mid-career professional and learn many new skills. Board service with APRA has added depth to the way I feel about my chosen career of prospect research because it has required me to think about the profession from the outside—what does it need, how can it grow, what do I like about it? I have felt more connected to my daily job because of my board service—through our board meetings, strategic planning and event pre- and post-discussions, I have a chance to reflect and evaluate the kind of professional I am and want to be. Moreover, I have picked up numerous tips, tricks and wise nuggets from my fellow board members on topics like selecting speakers, obtaining event sponsors, creating a blog, using a registration platform, running a board meeting and more. One of the things that I’ve been reminded about through this experience is just how smart, clever, diverse and interesting prospect researchers are!  Our APRA Greater Houston board is a group of exceptional people with mad skills who work hard, make me laugh, and want to make a difference in our profession and in the world. Whether you are new to the field, or have been at it a while like me, I encourage you to consider joining the APRA Greater Houston board.” – Victoria Walsh, 2020 Board Member At-Large

If you are interested in becoming more active with the Apra Greater Houston Chapter, join us at our next event, our Fall meeting for our informal Apra Greater Houston Book Club on November 18, 2020. Click here for details and registration. If you would like to volunteer or nominate someone to the board, please contact us. We will be accepting nominations until November 20, 2020, and elections will be held via online survey from November 30 – December 10, 2020.

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