How to calculate date intervals in Excel

This incredibly useful function isn’t exactly mentioned in the Excel formula list.  It’s one of those “off-the-menu” items you have to know about.


DATEDIF computes the interval between two dates in Excel.  You could use it to compute any of the following

  • donor’s overall giving horizon (Date of Last Gift minus Date of First Gift)
  • number of months since a donor’s last gift
  • number of years between degree date (graduation) and first gift date


So … you’ve got the general idea, right?  This formula is crazy fabulous!


Here is the syntax (from Pearson Software Consulting):



Just click on the image to read the full information available from Pearson about this formula and start using it next time you’re trying to filter, or prioritize or inform or just plain report out some basic information for a group of constituents.


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