Making new rules – Twitter best practice

I posted a reference to an article last week that analyzes user behavior by time of day on Twitter.  That information is helpful to take into consideration for executing a social media strategy for Twitter.  But what is that strategy?


Robert Bochnak, of the Harvard Business School, is one of the most socially connected individuals in nonprofit and his strategy is to leverage social media to connect with his alumni constituents personally to drive engagement with HBS.  That sounds like a good idea.

These examples of his interactions are typical of his style – selectively communicating content with just a few individuals at a time who have a common interest.

Here’s a quote from Robert that gives his point of view on using Twitter as an effective communication channel:  “I often say that we’re competing against every individual brand our alumni are following on Twitter so it’s imperative for us to do something different; our direct, targeted approach on Twitter is this something different.”

To read the full article, click on the image above.


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