How to use VLOOKUP in Excel

One of the most useful features in Excel that you should be using, and here’s why.


Let’s say that there are 2 great reports that you can get from you donor data base.  The first report lists constituents by giving capacity and city.  The 2nd report lists donors by lifetime giving history.  Let’s say you want to put the reports together to be able to have giving history and giving capacity.  If you have an unique ID, VLOOKUP makes it easy!


In my example, the syntax is


and here’s what that means — there are 4 parts to the formula:

part 1: use constituentID located in cell A1 in my current sheet as the reference

part 2: look into a range of columns/ rows in another sheet that also includes the ID

part 3: return the value to import from the 2nd column in the other sheet

part 4: default to false and make sure both sheets are sorted.


Try it yourself and you’ll figure it out in just a few minutes and feel awesome for the rest of the day!





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