5 campaign metrics you might be missing

If we’re going to commit the time, energy, budget and personnel to a communication or solicitation campaign, we’d be irresponsible not to take a critical look at our success indicators.  Mike Snusz, of npEngage, authored this excellent article earlier this year that reveals insight into campaign metrics, particularly for organizations employing a multi-channel communication strategy.


We’ve all been hearing about multi-channel communications quite a bit, but it’s more than HAVING multiple communication channels.  It’s about using them TOGETHER in a cohesive way for a single campaign.  In his article, Mike steps us through some examples of metrics we might be overlooking in a multi-channel campaign.


Here are a few for examples —

1) do you include a URL in your direct mail solicitations for donors that might prefer to give online?  If so, is the URL unique to that campaign?

2) do you give your online donors a chance to “share” the news of their gift to their own social media timeline?  If so, are you counting this?

3) do you publish your donor honor roll or annual report online as a slideshow?  If online, are you tracking conversions to the donation page from slideshow views?


Click here or on the image above to read Mike’s article.  Fabulous insight!



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