Mobile compatibility is a requirement

So I attended a workshop last week and the speaker stressed that any online content we had not optimized for mobile device viewing was not going to be seen by our audience.  Same for email.  Truth is, I heard this twice last week in two different forums.


I decided to check the facts and went to a trusted source:, experts in the email marketing space.  Turns out, 53% of emails opened in 2014 were read on a mobile device.


Litmus based their findings on data from 12 billion worldwide email opens in 2014 and has been studying trends in behavior over the last 4-5 years that correspond with new mobile product introductions to the market.


The shift in device preference since 2011 has been rapid, but these are the facts.  Content that is not mobile optimized is simply not going to reach your audience.

Click on the graph above to read the article from Litmus.



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