A heart-felt thank you message

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my alumni organization called and I finally made a gift.  Finally.  After they asked.  Then the next day I got an email thanking me for the gift.  I didn’t even open it until I started writing this blog post.  It was a pretty standardized message.  That’s all I was really expecting.  Until now.

Today I read this article by Ann Green who is compelling us to add just an ounce of creativity and heart into our standardized thank you messages.  And seriously, why not?  How could that possibly hurt anything?


Clue:  it can’t hurt.  So include an engaging video, photo montage and links to stories or news items that will create a better experience.


I was in a meeting with a brilliant colleague the other day who reminded me that stewarding our donors’ gifts is just one part of the multi-faceted donor relations experience.  Our challenge is to relate to them and make them feel awesome about their involvement with our missions.



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