Strategic Phonathons

Are phonathons still relevant?  Maybe another way to ask the same question is to inquire whether communication is still relevant?

I received a call from a young graduate working in the call center at my alumni organization last week.  Let’s preface this by saying that I’m not an engaged alumna and in the million years since graduating, I’ve made just 1 gift.  Not the best prospect when evaluating the flat facts.


But I get this call from Hillary and I  love talking to her.  Never mind that she didn’t know what I meant when I asked her to mark my name “do not exchange.”  Obviously they need a little training in their call center.  But still, when the conversation got around to asking if I’d be interested in making a gift, I already had my credit card out.


Communications experts will say there’s a much better way to spend your money on personal touches like this and it involves our old friend segmentation.  Here’s some recent insight regarding call center results around particular segments when called prior to the NCAA Basketball tournament versus after the tournament was under way.



Ruffalo Cody compiled results of telephone outreach efforts for a variety of donor/constituent segments at 22 schools involved in the 2014 NCAA tournament last year and is kindly sharing their insight.  Click on the image above to read the results!


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