Bookmark this – How to create a beautiful presentation

Get ready to channel your inner graphic designer.  Canva is a free web-based tool that I’ve been using lately to create some of the publications info about our upcoming Winter Workshop.  Like this one.



How can I say this?  Canva. Is. Awesome.


But back to making a presentation.  Canva’s publications and promotions team has produced a set of teaching articles to help people communicate more beautifully (hopefully using Canva).  This image, below, is an excerpt from the presentation lesson.


The familiar presentation page elements are here — title, subtitle and bullet points.  But what we also see is a visually compelling illustration assembled as a grid, plenty of white space, and a horizontal line to offset the content area.  Composing content like a graphic designer used to be an impossible stretch, but that gap is beginning to close.  Click on the image above to view the easy tutorial and browse their other design and creative composition mini-courses too.

This is my favorite bookmark in forever!




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