Add a little March to your madness

I’m a well known lurker on the CASE advancement services list serve.  So, as I was scanning it the other day a conversation stream that caught my attention.  The member indicated their school was brainstorming new ways to ramp up fundraising efforts associated with March madness.  After all, it’s just around the corner.



And just like that I remembered one of my favorite posts from the dearly departed APRA blog.  It too was a creative fundraising spin on March madness.  The crazy thing is that the organization who adopted the idea, Citizen Effect, has nothing to do with sports or college.  They just implemented a great idea.  I’m all about that!

Here’s how it worked.  They asked donors for a $10 gift to fill out an NCAA tournament bracket “entry.”  Winning entries were then eligible for prizes.  The winning donor at each bracket level had the opportunity to direct winnings (ie, accrued donations) to his or her choice of project efforts sponsored by Citizen Effect.  How awesome is that?

After the NCAA tournament was over and all the donations were tallied, Citizen Effect sent out a lovely follow-up piece, found here on the Marts & Lundy blog.


Love it to pieces!  Can’t wait for March Madness!


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