Augment your data quality program with Data Profiling

What is Data Profiling?  I just recently learned this term and it is probably something that we should all have in our vocabulary, if not in our systems management repertoire.  According to an article written by Laura Sebastian-Coleman on the TechTarget blog, Data Profiling describes analysis techniques used to characterize important features of data sets.  Profiling provides information about field types, column relationships and content values.

When we have a level of confidence about the data values that reside in our data base, we have the information we need to identify unexpected conditions in our data, that left unchecked, will lead to deteriorated information.  If your organization is embarking on upgrading your data quality practices or implementing a data quality framework, this series of articles (actually an excerpt from Ms. Sebastian-Coleman’s book) is an excellent place to begin.

If you have a great idea you’d like to share related to data quality, let us know!





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