Save the Date {3-6-2015} for APRA-GH’s Winter Workshop

Imagine this conversation, if you will.

A development officer stops by my office for a moment to say hello.  While he or she is there, they say something like, “Diane, what do you exactly do?”

Feeling self conscious, and assuming that this person doesn’t really want an in-depth explanation, I laugh and reply “Oh, I just crunch numbers.”

The development officer leaves without the answer to their question and I just did myself and my organization an incredible disservice.


True confession:  I’m not in touch with my personal brand.


And I’m not alone.  We mistakenly think that branding is for consultants. Or marketing people.  Or job seekers.  Everyone else but us.

Sadly, that’s just not true.  When we neglect to identify our specific talents and the way that we apply our talents to contribute to our organizations’ successes, we undermine our profession, our jobs and our own professional reputations.


It is time to speak the truth.  Not boastfully, but with matter-of-fact sincerity.  Even enthusiasm.

If you can relate to my story, you’ll want to join us for APRA-Greater Houston’s winter workshop where we’ll be spending the day discussing professional branding, networking and our presentation/image.  Registration will be opening this week.  Hope to see you there!




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