2015 forecast from the Foundation Center

FC has published their annual industry blueprint about the social economy, including big ideas that matter for 2015.



The author, Lucy Bernholz, reviews events of the past year and the way they played out through the dynamics of digital society.  She lists set of civil society trends and the way these parlay into matters affecting philanthropy.  Topics/trends about big data, data privacy and mobile accessibility are clearly part of the landscape of our lives, and consequently, part of the landscape of our profession.

To give us some clues for catching up with the trends, Ms. Bernholz gives us some important buzzwords that we’ve probably heard and will continue to hear more about.  Here are a few:

  • Artivists – the intersection of promoting ideas for change with art as an impactful communications medium
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – microchips and sensors in our appliances, wristwatches and even garments are becoming more prevalent and offering access to unprecedented quantities of data.
  • Pivot – Silicon Valley speak for changing the trajectory of a plan when measurements suggest the original plan isn’t achieving expected results.

Click on the image above to access this fabulous report!


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