5 ways to make our business better in 2015

From Goldman Sachs, via the Huffington Post, here are 5 good reminders of ways to improve what we do and make a positive trajectory of change.

Here’s the list, in short form.

1. Show gratitude to the people who mean the most.  In nonprofit terms, what can we do differently this year to express our gratitude in new and creative ways, maximizing use of our donor segmentation strategies?

2. Learn more about your [donors].  Haven’t begun a donor segmentation exercise yet?  There’s no time like the present to begin dividing your donors into groups based on age, lifetime gift count, recent average gift amount, giving capacity, projected next gift amount, likelihood to lapse, probability to be a major gift donor, etc.

3. Find creative ways to reward employees. Enrichment initiatives, like staff retreats or creative problem solving sessions bind teams together, increase shared commitments and benefit everyone.

4. Discover overlooked tax deductions.

5. Know your yearly deadlines.  If you have annual or biannual reporting deadlines to meet in 2015, plan early to compile the required data and don’t miss this opportunity to highlight a compelling story for the intended audience.

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