Holistic methodology for implementing business intelligence

I recently read an article in the Harvard Business Review that outlined the difference between traditional information systems project implementations and analytics/business intelligence project implementations.  When organizations approach analytics implementations with methodologies that are successful for traditional systems, there is a high degree of dissatisfaction and frustration.  That’s because analytics implementations are all about delivering new information for people to use it.

Updated implementation methdologies take the time to explore information consumption and application within the project framework.  Old-school systems implementations are all about automating transactions and analytics/business intelligence implementations are about increasing overall awareness of internal and external data indicators to make smarter business choices.


The authors of the article step through 5 suggested guidelines for conducting the kind of discovery that will yield insights needed for a better analytics implementation.  Click on the infographic above to read the full article, including a brief case study of 1 sample implementation effort conducted from a discovery point of view.


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