Design guidelines for building infographics

As our constituent information becomes more complex and we find ourselves attempting to generate meaningful reports that include dissections of geography, donor segment, engagement level, wealth, lifetime value, giving history, communication channel, etc., the resulting information is muddled and difficult to interpret.

How can we decide what we should be doing if we don’t fully appreciate our constituents’ actions in the correct context?

Infographics are an advanced form of data visualization that help readers digest large amounts of complex information.


Edahn Small, creative director at the Hypothesis Group recently published this article outlining five principles to keep in mind when designing an infographic.

As our colleagues continue to seek to understand more about the complex layers of information in our data bases, visual communication methods are the best approach for those of us attempting to deliver that understanding.  While there is nothing formulaic or simple about infographics, those of us attempting to adopt this style of communication are always looking for pointers. So click on the image above to read Edahn Small’s article.


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