The new rules of thumb for fundraising metrics

I recently read an article by Thomas Grabau and was hooked from the very beginning.

Grabau_quoteHe goes on to discuss old management practices regarding metrics (old, as in 2008) versus better choices for metrics that facilitate more effective fundraising results.  Here’s an example.


However, beyond the discussion of some of the fundamentals, Mr. Grabau makes insightful suggestions about using internal metrics as a yardstick for projecting results in future years.  It’s a 2-step process.  First, he computes performance based on what we did last year ( we probably all have the ability to do this).  The key computed indicator here is yield.


Then, he uses the Team Average Yield metric (5.8%) to project future results at an individual level based on assigned portfolio capacity.  Each individual goal can be adjusted up or down (in this case there are a couple of stretch goals based on small increases in the yield factor).



Even though the article was written in 2012, it’s still completely relevant and full of suggested ways to adjust measurements to better manage fundraising effectiveness.  Click on any of the pictures here to access Thomas Grabau’s white paper.



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