Remembering a donor’s first gift anniversary

About a month ago I joined a webinar produced by Pursuant on the topic of donor retention.  As I listened, I was happy to hear that donor segmentation is the key to implementing communication strategies to promote retention (skip to about 38 minutes in the webinar replay).


My favorite part of the webinar came at 44 minutes.  Seriously, open the webinar here and fast forward to 44 minutes.  The most awesome tip I’ve heard in a while:  celebrate your donors’ impact on your organization by acknowledging the anniversary of their first gift date.  How awesome is that?!  I’d be willing to bet that a lot of longevity donors have lost track of the number of years they’ve been giving and I’d also be willing to bet that donors with an irregular giving history might feel more committed if they saw their giving through a longer lens.

Seems to me like there’s only an upside to a strategy like this.  You can access the webinar by clicking on the image above.


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